Tanglewood Christian Camp | About Us
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About Us


Tanglewood Christian Camp began more than 30 years ago, receiving its official certification from the State of Texas on May 13, 1975.


The purpose of Tanglewood Christian Camp is twofold. TWCC primary purpose is to promote and conduct Christian education and benevolent activities, to operate a camp in which meetings are held, to instruct in Christian ideals and principles of faith and practice, to further the restoration of New Testament Christianity, its doctrine, its ordinances, its program and plea and its fruits and practice with the Bible as the only divine authority.


TWCC also exists to provide a quality and affordable rental space for company retreats, Churches, weddings, family gatherings, and much more. With various dorms, gazebos, large hall with AV capabilities, dining, and much more, TWCC can be a great place for your next event.


Tanglewood Christian Camp is located in Tanglewood, Texas between Lexington and Rockdale, Texas. Just off of highway 77, it is just 45 minutes from Temple and Bryan and merely 1 hour from Austin, College Station, and Temple, Texas.

Tanglewood Christian Camp is supported by the generous donations of 30 New Testament Independent Christian Churches and Church of Christ Churches. The camp is governed by 13 Executive Board Members from the supporting churches. There are two scheduled board meetings each year to set the camp dates and guidelines. If you are interested in becoming a supporting church please contact the camp.